Warranty Policy

The warranty covers the complete product, labor is only covered under warranty for vehicles done on-site by a Hybrid Drive Batteries Employee professional. All transactions done by another company involving towing, diagnostic and labor is not covered under warranty nor will Hybrid Drive Batteries Reimburse any dollar amount.

The warranty is assigned to one vehicle only the product cannot be removed and installed to another vehicle. The warranty can be transferred to any owner at any given time throughout the warranty period, there is no limit on how many new owners register the vehicle. A copy of the bill of sale is not mandatory for a warranty claim.

This warranty excludes failure due to flood, vehicle in an accident damaging the product, tampering to hybrid battery including warranty stickers. By accepting this product, you hereby waive and release any claim now or hereafter existing against Hybrid Drive Batteries which may result from or arise out of injury to or death or loss or damage to property or the loss of use of any property which may result from or arise out of the possession, condition, use or operation or failure of this product.

This limited warranty represents the total liability of Hybrid Drive Batteries for any product. All other warranties implied by state law applicable to the battery shall be limited to the warranty period stated. If the vehicle has engine, transmission, or other electrical problems affecting the hybrid battery, they must be addressed before the hybrid battery is replaced if still under warranty.