Warranty Policy

The warranty covers the complete hybrid battery or inverter and labor.

A bill of sale or title is not required from the new buyer. There is a fee of $150 for warranty transfer that will only be applied if the hybrid battery fails throughout the warranty period.

Mobile Service Fees are not covered under warranty.

Labor & diagnostics costs from other repair shops are not covered under the warranty

We require ALL codes to be retrieved from the ENGINE computer, TRANSMISSION computer, BATTERY ENERGY computer & HYBRID POWERTRAIN computer.


The hybrid battery or inverter warranty stickers must stay intact throughout the warranty, or the warranty will be void.

Do not connect Any GRID CHARGERS to the hybrid battery or warranty will be Void

If the vehicle has engine or transmission problems causing the hybrid battery to fail, those malfunctions must be addressed and corrected prior to another battery replacement under warranty by Hybrid Drive Batteries, no exceptions.