Core Return Policy

In-order for the core deposit to be refunded in full we must receive the defective product intact in the same form that you received the product from Hybrid Drive Batteries.

Please remove any plastic air duct from your defective battery since you will need it to install the battery that was delivered to you.

Please use the same pallet and strap to fasten the battery tight onto the pallet, make sure the strap goes in between the pallet and over the battery.

Make sure the return label is visible and it’s attached with clear tape throughout the label, so it doesn’t tear. If the label has FedEx on it, please call FedEx Freight or go to Fedex.Com to set up a pick up time under Fedex Freight.

If the label doesn’t have a company on it, please contact us so we can schedule a pickup time for you.

Contact information

Subject: Set pick up time

(844) 492-3748