Warranty Claim

Let’s get your vehicle back on the road, here is how the warranty procedure works:

1. Provide all the information requested below to verify you’re still under warranty

2. Include shipping address where the product will be delivered

3. Pay core deposit, once the defective product is delivered to our location in Yorba Linda, the deposit will be refunded.

4. Shipping cost to get the product delivered to you will be deducted from the deposit, the amount deducted will be the same as the shipping cost stated on your original invoice.

5. Hybrid Drive Batteries will pay for the shipping cost for the return of the defective product, a free label will be provided.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions

Warranty Policy

The warranty covers the complete product, labor is only covered under warranty for vehicles done on-site by a Hybrid Drive Batteries Employee professional. For products that are shipped customer is responsible for activating the warranty at hybriddrivebatteries.com within 30 days of purchase. This warranty excludes failure due to flood, vehicle in an accident damaging the product, tampering to hybrid battery including warranty stickers. If the vehicle has engine, transmission, or other electrical problems affecting the hybrid battery, they must be addressed before the hybrid battery is replaced if still under warranty.

Core Policy

In-order for the core deposit to be refunded in full we must receive the defective product intact in the same form that you received the product from Hybrid Drive Batteries. Please use the same pallet and strap to fasten the battery tight onto the pallet, make sure the strap goes in between the pallet and over the battery.

Privacy Policy

Hybrid Drive Batteries collects the customers full name and address along with the vehicle’s information associated with the product such as VIN Number, License Plate and Mileage. This information is only collected for our records for warranty purposes. Hybrid Drive Batteries shares information with the website: hybriddrivebatteries.com and it’s connected merchant account.

Note :

We require pictures of these specific modules

Engine Control Module, Hybrid Powertrain Control Module, Battery Energy Control Module.

Codes can be retrieved by O’Reilly Auto Parts for free. If more than one code is present, take pictures of all of them.